Penny Dreadful.

S01EP01: Night Work.

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zacksnydrs replied to your post: Just watched “Oculus” and what a borin…

I’m gonna do it tomorrow, but yeah, “new” horror movies are lame

what made me very angry was that it looked like they focused big part of the movie on the brothers arguing. I was all “make me jump from my seat at least once, for god’s sake” but meh… 

did you watched? if yes, liked it?

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Just watched “Oculus” and what a boring movie, jesus christ

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It’s time. It’s time. Time for the big giveaway. Halloween has come. All you lucky kids with Silver Shamrock masks, gather ‘round your TV set, put on your masks and watch. All witches, all skeletons, all Jack-O-Lanterns, gather ‘round and watch. Watch the magic pumpkin. Watch…

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Look, your daughter doesn’t say she’s a demon. She says she’s the devil himself.”

The Exorcist (1973) (X)

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When you’re hurt and scared for so long, the fear and pain turn to hate and the hate starts to change the world.

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Carrie (1976)

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People will say we’re in love.

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